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ROOM DESIGN - girls please help.?

heyy i have just moved into a new house and im not allowed to put blutac on the walls or paint a feature wall. im gonna make something on a canvas and hang it but what else could i do?
what cool furniture pieces could i get like a cool cupboard or something interesting

If you're looking to get really creative, I can help.

It really does depend on your style, I have one for artistic and unique one for a beachy sort of feel and one for girly. (These are all for bedrooms but if you are doing other rooms you can interpret)

You can buy fabric mannequins basically every dress drop these days. Get a couple of those. Take your time painting them, with mime faces, crosses where the mouths should be, and statement pieces like that. Dress them if you want, preferably in black body suits looks best, but you can also get creative with this. Position them on small wooden posts you have painted black or white already in different places around the room so that it looks as if they are either posing or doing some activity you enjoy. Hang one with strings from the roof, too, this looks really interesting. Finish by taking a few black and white artistic shots of you and/or friends, and get them printed on to canvas, then hang them at interesting places.

This is a really great one for a room.
Have you ever seen those big butterflies/dragonflies that I think are done with tights being filled up and tied, and wire wings filled in with fabric? These look really great hung from the roof. If you know how to do paper mache, it is quite easy to make toadstools, after making and painting, position somewhere in your room. Buy a dressmakers fabric mannequin, and position to be sitting on top of the big toadstool. (preferably a childrens doll) This looks really great once you dress the doll, and even better if you fixedly place a teacup in her hands. Take a really bright, fun picture of yourself and/or friends and have it printed in full colour on to canvas, and hang it up. Finish by placing a few pretty ornaments,candles,lava lamps at different shelves and bedside tables and whatnot.

This is quite difficult to do, but looks amazing, if not strange.
Get a dress maker children mannequin, and dress it in a small swimsuit, shorts, or any summery clothes. You can buy this at select interior design places (i found one in phillip island) or make your own out of paper mache if you have the patience: Waves. whether 3D or in poster form, have some waves at the side of your room. Place the dress makers doll on an old boogie board (mini surf board) just in front of the waves. Move its arms as if its surfing. Have a sign (paper, on a wooden stick) saying 'surfs up' in lazy handwriting black marker. Get another dressmakers doll (just as an extra addition) and dress it in an old girls dress. Place it somewhere in the room, and put in its hand a paper mache or just toy bought ice-cream cone. Make the next out of cardboard. A 'thinking bubble' basic shape, cut out, and coming just above the head by some thrift store bought wire. In the bubble, write something like: Yum, or, Summer Days. Finish the room (if this is allowed!!) by buying a few fish at your local pet store (they sell near me for about $5) in different sized and shaped fish bowls (clear glass) with colorful rocks at the bottom.

You can buy from select stores (also found in fountain gate, and even at a store once in fountain gate, melbourne.) a light up cherry blossom tree of respectable size. (if you save up hopefully!!!) Make a few posters (on canvas) of cute phrases written in hiragana, or kanji. (maybe.) You can look this up. If you have the patience to do origami, it can be very lovely to hang a few origami medicine balls around your room. (google this if you're not sure what it means). Buy some cute stuffed toys (smiley faces, happy faces) to place on your bed, and finish by getting some cute anime pics printed on to canvas.

If you collect a lot of old, quirky victorian type furniture and nicknacks, this looks really nice. Just hand some nice oil paintings around furniture, and add a small oval mirror with a nice gold or ebony frame. If you have the money and time, buy a large dress makers doll, and position towards the back of the room. You can dress it in gowns, either bought or hand made, and lace and whatnot if you are feeling creative. Finish with a party-shop-bought wig or bonnet, preferably a low bun if you are going with a wig. This looks really great.

Hope this helped, I want to be an interior designer someday, and sorry that they are so complicated and weird. :) Good luck decorating!

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